Why RiotFence™?

Riot Fence solves these 2 major problems:

  • Problem #1 – RiotFence™ provides superior projectile protection, which is absolutely necessary to maintain command and control.
  • Problem #2- RiotFence™ provides a defensive separation between police and crowds

What crowds observe with RiotFence™ is a formidable, intimidating, defensive barrier (measuring 8’ High by 6’ wide) providing protection from bottles and rocks.
That does not allow for personal police confrontations.
That denies crowd knowledge of police strength, activities and operations.
That provides a psychological disadvantage for rioters looking to bait law enforcement into improper responses.

What police have with RiotFence™:

  • A secure defensive position that provides a great physical and psychological advantage
  • Protection from bricks, bottles, stones (any thrown objects)
  • Separation from direct personal confrontations
  • Unique observation portals allow for video recording and documentation of criminals and criminal activities.
  • This vantage point allows for intelligence gathering, to include identification of riot leaders, their accomplices and crimes.
  • After intelligence is analyzed, plans can be formulated and implemented from this protected position.
  • RiotFence™ is a free-standing, hands-free, energy absorbing barrier that allows for counter measures to be delivered accurately from a protected position.
  • Finally RiotFence™ is mobile and when linked together, can increase security and reduce police manpower.