Crowd SeparationUnique Portals8ft. highProtection

Crowd Separation

In this era of 21st century policing, there is a better way!

Unique Portals

Portals allow for video recording and documentation of criminals and criminal activities and provide a platform for counter measures.

8ft. high

Crowd Control can be defensive with RiotFence.


RiotFence energy absorbing capabilities provide projectile protection.

As a former Infantry Officer in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, I participated in and conducted many riot control and civil disobedience rehearsals and exercises. Many of these “live drills,” using our own personnel as “riot actors” ended in disarray and mayhem. The flash point for our loss of control was inadequate projectile protection and a lack of separation from personal, “face to face” provocations from the crowd. 30 years later, these 2 critical issues for crowd control are still not properly addressed.(We still use “David & Goliath” tactics and expect Goliath to prevail) In this era of 21st CENTURY POLICING, there is a better way!

We know many protesters seek confrontation and violence against our law enforcement, yet we send our police ill-equipped to maintain law and order. The “show of force strategy” needs improvement. The small personal shield and baton is ineffective against a rock and bottle throwing crowds looking for confrontation. Attempting to create chaos to inspire more violence and negative police optics.

-Dan DiBruno Sr.